Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Best. Muffins. Ever.

One of my favorite parts about fall is that it's time again to make pumpkin flavored everything. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bars, maybe next this year pumpkin soup?  Aarti even made pumpkin oatmeal this week, which sounds crazy delicious.  I can't believe I only made these muffins because I had half a can of pumpkin filling and half a bar of cream cheese leftover from other ventures! I also can't believe these innocent looking things set off my smoke detectors (and the bacon the night before did not!)

I made a dozen of these in my normal sized muffin cups but I think next time I might try upgrading at least a few to the mammoth jumbo size muffins.  The normal sized ones were gone after only a few bites and I was left wanting more, more, more!  I think they are close to the top of my list of new favorite desserts.

Quick & Dirty

  • Cut the recipe in half (9 servings) because that's how much pumpkin and cream cheese I had on hand, but I ended up getting 12 normal sized muffins out of it
  • Added some pumpkin pie spice in addition to the cinnamon in the muffin batter
  • Almost doubled the amount of brown sugar in the cream cheese filling as suggested in reviews
  • Didn't add the pecans to the topping, usually not a huge nut fan in desserts
  • I think just making the pumpkin muffin by itself would be pretty tasty
  • The addition of the cream cheese and streusel topping make these divine and decadent (this is definitely something worth spending the calories on)
  • If you like pumpkin bread/cake/bars and you like cheesecake you will be in heaven with these
  • They are a little bit of work, and trying to add the cream cheese to the middle of the muffin batter was kind of a pain.  Next time I'm going to see if there's a better/different way to do this that still yields the same yummy results.
  • As I mentioned, my smoke detectors starting going off after they were in the oven for almost exactly 20 minutes for some reason...I think they could've used a couple minutes longer but I was scared and pulled them out and shut off the oven.
  • These were a big hit at work, I was sad that I didn't have a ton to give out to everyone!

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