Monday, November 29, 2010

Menu Item Numero Uno

If I ever open my own restaurant I think I found the first thing that will definitely be on the menu, especially during the winter. This Butternut Squash Soup will warm you up on even the chilliest of days. It's the perfect menu item, no matter what type of restaurant - little soup and sandwich bistro, specialty baked goods and treats, five star gourmet. I could see people coming back again and again just for this soup.

It would be a great appetizer as it wakens all your taste buds. At first you taste the sweet butternut squash and coconut milk, then you get a hint of thyme and sour cream before the heat of the jalapeno fills your mouth. Every bite is a journey for your mouth.

Quick & Dirty

  • I didn't remove ALL of the jalapeno seeds because I wanted to make sure it had enough "kick".  I left about half of them in, and it was just about perfect for my taste buds
  • Sprinkled some dry thyme on top, didn't have any fresh
  • Also ate it with whole wheat crackers mixed in, very very tasty
  • The mix of sweet and spicy is my favorite, and this is a new combo of the two for me
  • Both the warmness and the spiciness of the soup is perfect for a cold winter day
  • I ate it all too fast to try it, but this would probably freeze well if you made a huge batch of it
  • I was selfish and ate it all myself, next time I'll try to make enough to share
  • Butternut squash is kind of a pain to work with, otherwise I would make this all the time
  • Making soup like this makes me want to get an immersion blender...just what I need, another kitchen gadget!

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