Saturday, August 2, 2008!

I decided it was finally time to share with the world two passions of mine: programming and cooking. Both have interested me since middle school and now one I get paid to do professionally and the other is an on again off again hobby. One glance at my profile, and you'll see that I am indeed a software developer whose job has recently required me to go travel the learning curves (and growing pains) of learning WPF, the MVC framework and NHibernate. I've also recently started trying my hand at the art of cake decorating (I did my first one today in fact!) and have always loved challenging my friends and family with new foods in the kitchen. The greatest struggle has been finding time for both of these passions, as well as many others that come and go. I'm hoping to have time to share my successes and tribulations on these topics and more on my journey as a programming chef.

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