Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cake Links

After creating my first cake masterpiece yesterday and not quite getting the masterful results I was hoping for, I decided to search the net a little for helpful hints and inspirations. Here are a few links I think you may enjoy as well:

I would love to trade jobs with her for a day....or a week or month :)
Cake Decorating: Fun with Fondant

For all my fellow fans of Pocky out there:
Pocky Cake!

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Andrea said...

OMG (says the old lady)! This is Dave's mom. Has he told you that upon completion of her BS in Dec his sister Dara is heading off to Chicago to attend 6 mos of pastry school? She emailed me pictures of her first fondant cake when she was a sophomore. Next time you're visiting ask to see my "gallery of birthday cakes" (no fondant tho'.) Also, one of the main reasons I'm so thrilled that baby brother Kevin is heading off to Johns Hopkins in 3 weeks is so we can (on pretext of visiting him) stalk Duff!
Your cake is terrific, btw. I'm not brave enough to try fondant myself, I'm just sticking to my tried-and-true buttercream.