Sunday, March 7, 2010

Light & Spicy Pasta

Last night I made a pasta that was so flavorful and delicious I couldn't believe it was good for me!  I subscribe to the Cooking Light magazine and have tried many of their recipes with mixed results.  This one has earned an average of 5 stars by 55 people and I can see why.

Ziti with Spinach, Cherry Tomatoes, and Gorgonzola Sauce

I made mine with whole wheat penne pasta because I couldn't whole-wheat or multi-grain ziti at Cub and I keep hearing that this is supposed to be healthier for you.  I wish I knew the difference between whole-wheat and multi-grain but my 30 second Google search failed to give me a straight answer so I guess I'll have to continue to wonder.  This is one healthy choice that's easy for me to make because I can't tell the difference in taste between this and regular pasta.  I'll definitely try this one again with variations suggested in the reviews such as adding chicken or prosciutto and blue cheese instead of gorgonzola.

The Quick & Dirty:


  • Whole Wheat Penne instead of Ziti
  • Little more red pepper
  • A lot more spinach
  • Added flour to the half and half in attempt to thicken the sauce
  • Little prep (just have to halve the tomatoes)
  • Easy to double and make lotsa leftovers
  • Spicy, sweet, cheesy...doesn't get much better than that combo
  • Burnt the garlic bread I attempted to make with it
  • Very sad because the sauce is amazing and needs bread to wipe it all up
  • Sauce didn't get very thick, will try adding more flour next time

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